by DCA

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COAL - Digital EP


released October 2, 2016

Music by DCA ( Except covers )



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Bedrock
Fissures , Parasites
Calcify my will
Dig in the shadow, under the eye
Remove everything, anything
Anything to feel

Cycles, only cycles around me
deep thoughts, storm of regrets
Flooding, leaving me for dead

I come back from a journey, in the eye of the hurricane
I woke up from a nightmare, like on sleeping pills and Ketamine
Subconscious in razorbaldes, fissures in the back of the brain
Still running but marked forever, craving for adrenaline

Neurasthenia and torment, the aphotic zone, the narrowest abyss

I'm down on the ground, crowned and then drowned
I try to fuckin hold on the sound, the one, better than a thousand
Nailed to the bottom by wounds I can't seal
Turned to a newborn then a sacrificial veal
Still, light outta sight
Grey matter infected by parasites
Not sure if I need more, if I want more
If this is one more drop I beg for

Nailed to the bottom by wounds I can't seal
Take advantage of the weakness I reveal

I'm painting my inside walls
Burning in the meantime, cause
Obsessed by this appetite
for anguish I can't control
Track Name: Unmerge
Opening your filthy garbage hole everyday
Uselessly, endlessly
Displaying your flawless personality
I felt natural to drop another once again
Remember me ? I'm still unbearable
You fucking clones still swiming your own shit
Your commitment's still resumed to your outfit
Same game, the same frame, the same aim, the same shame
I'm still burning with the same flame
Say peace when there is a fight but,
You're grease when world is a white shirt

Purification, No neutral position

Handling things like we used to, it takes two
We still ruin your pants with no crew
Old ways, same manners
B-rays, flamethrower
Six days, no shower
Show me show me real power

For this one, I'll use simple words
No one gives a fuck about your opinion

Kill it with fire, kill it kill it with fire
Spreading the arson wider
Gasoline on the network,
Silence as a cold shower, coal as only leftover

Submerged, by the mass of the mess around me
Reclused in the darkest cell
Back broken by the hate I carry, yeah
Upsurge, pressure, shivers at the surface
I'm never gonna make it alive
Without a way to let it out

Shivers at the surface
No neutral position
I'm still burning with the same flame